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Ever had that “Oh-my-God-I-can’t-believe-I-forgot-to-pack-that” slip-up?

We have all been there- you are so excited for your trip, you arrive at the airport on time only to realize you forgot to pack an adaptor for example. Ouch!

The aim for the travel subscription box is to save time, money and make travel essential items accessible for any traveller (first-timer, average or regular jetsetter) no matter the trip.

We are on a conscious pursuit to spotlight start-ups or lesser-known small businesses with travel must-haves to be used at home or on the go allowing a brand discovery experience.

As the travel industry slowly recovers the box offers hope for travellers that we will be back to “catching flights not feelings” soon enough and there is no reason why we cannot be prepared. 

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Meet Caroline

Photo Credit @photosbydelahaye

Your possibilities are unlimited, but it all begins with the deliberate choice to think differently.” — Chris Guillebeau.

As a one-woman entrepreneur and founder of The Travel Boxx and TravelEatSlay travel apparel and community of travel enthusiasts pursuing the idea of launching a first of its own kind travel subscription box during a pandemic sounded like a bad idea to some however, this fuelled my determination even further. 

With travel on hold, I turned to social media to keep my wanderlust spirit alive while expanding my connections within travel communities.

In May 2020, I hosted a web series titled Covid-19 More than just missed flights- It’s the new norm” which featured conversations with travel bloggers, brands, and content creators. While discussing travel experiences, the question of why an all-in-one travel essentials box doesn’t exist kept recurring. As I could not find one that existed dedicated to tech gadgets and smart travel essentials, I decided to create one.

Acknowledgment to everyone who has supported me through this journey. To God for granting me the vision and inspiration to dream bigger, to my family and friends who donated towards the fundraiser and kept cheering me on. The encouragement from the TravelEatSlay community has been motivating to create this legacy. My business coach Washington Gororo thank you for challenging and steering me in the right direction.


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